Is it time to retire the term "IoT"?

Is it time to retire the term "IoT"?

Join us as Adrian Valenzuela, IoT expert and Senior IoT Specialist at Software AG, takes us through the transformation of IoT from its early conception to its current state. He shares valuable lessons on innovation, practical IoT use cases, and adapting to technology's rapid evolution.

Key highlights from the episode:
  • Embracing imperfection in innovation: “I take more of a “Don't let perfection be the enemy of the good” kind of approach,” Valenzuela says. “I view speed and iterating on ideas to be a much more valuable exercise than trying to nail perfection."
  • Shifting focus from terms to use cases: Valenzuela talks about the variety of terms and acronyms in the IoT space, and why in the end, it’s the actual application that matters. “In the early 2000s when I was doing IoT in academia, that term hadn't really become solidified in the lexicon overall. Now the term IoT is being replaced by specific use cases solving real problems, like smart lights and connected appliances in homes."
  • Adapting to rapid changes in technology: Things go incredibly fast and innovation happens insanely quickly,” he says. He shares insights on how to adapt along with it.
  • On the practical application of IoT technology: “Today’s hardware costs are so low and there’s more ease of implementation. Now the challenge is really figuring out what is the value of this? How can we level up the use cases?"

This episode is packed with insights for anyone interested in the tech trends shaping IoT and how to navigate the field's future challenges and opportunities.

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