Beyond the Blueprint with Cellular IoT: Dennis McCain (AT&T)

Beyond the Blueprint with Cellular IoT: Dennis McCain (AT&T)

Host: Jillian Kaplan, Dell Technologies IoT leader, seasoned expert in technology and innovation 
Guest: Dennis McCain, IoT Lead at AT&T, author of "Implementing Cellular IoT Solutions for Digital Transformation"

Episode summary:
Jillian Kaplan talks with Dennis McCain about the transformative power of IoT, debunking the myth that innovation needs to be a monumental leap instead of a series of incremental improvements. They explore how foundational technologies like 3G set the stage for current IoT capabilities and what the future holds for this exciting field.

What you’ll learn in this episode:
  • Incremental innovation: McCain discusses how major advancements often begin as small, incremental steps, using the development of 3G technology as a pivotal example.
  • Business transformation with IoT: IoT is more than connectivity – it increases efficiency, and enables new capabilities like predictive analytics and automated decision-making.
  • Practical advice for IoT practitioners: McCain provides actionable advice on staying flexible and adapting to the rapid pace of technology change.
  • What’s coming next: McCain speaks to the future of IoT, including the potential impacts of 5G and other emerging technologies. 

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